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Client-Centered Personal Fiduciary Services in San Jose, CA

Maintain control of your financial holdings with assistance from SF Fiduciary Services. Our California-licensed fiduciary firm provides professional and personal fiduciary services in San Jose, CA, as well as Santa Clara, Alameda, Santa Cruz, and San Mateo. The main goal of our fiduciary agents is to help those requiring assistance with the daily activities of life so that you can live the best life possible.

Private Professional advocacy and financial administration services .
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What We Do

We manage personal assets, handle day-to-day financial matters, and ensure a smooth transition of assets to your heirs. Select duties performed by a trustee or fiduciary include understanding and following the terms of a trust, managing clients' assets, maintaining or selling a residence, managing a commercial property, and ensuring the timely filing of tax returns. We are held to the highest standard of care, "a fiduciary duty," when following your written wishes.

 Interprets relevant bio-psycho-social, emotional and economic factors into care planning.

In depth knowledge of health care system and medication management, care planning, nutrition, and emotional and spiritual health care needs.

 Client centered care.

 Resource specialist toward meeting needs of patient.

State Licensed, bonded, court supervised.

Pro-Active Communication

SF Fiduciary provides clients, beneficiaries, and loved ones with clear communication on a regular basis. It is important to keep everyone informed as to the activities performed on behalf of the estate to elicit trust and provide peace of mind. Because there is a potential for conflict over the decisions a trustee may make, it is essential they are skilled enough to work through any conflict.


  • Professional Fiduciary Association California
  • National Guardianship Association
  • Professional Fiduciary License State of California PF#847

Licensed, Bonded, Court Supervised

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Shaking Hands, Personal Fiduciary Services, San Jose, CA


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Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday:
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Santa Clara, Alameda, Santa Cruz, and San Mateo, California